Saint Joseph's Industrial School and Orphanage, and later Home for the Aged, Bethany, Oklahoma.

It opened in 1912 and by the time it closed in the 1965 several thousand children, and aged, had been cared for by the facility.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stop 12 on the El Reno Interurban

Similar to the type of cars used in many such rail systems,
including local trolley lines.
The orphanage was located near Stop 12 on the El Reno Interurban line. The ErI had begun in 1902 and soon many trains were utilizing the tracks.  The link between El Reno, built around a fort and therefore a center of population and the bustling capitol city was a necessity.  It encouraged shopping, business, and tourism. It connected rural areas in a time before the widespread use of the speeding motorized vehicles.

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