Saint Joseph's Industrial School and Orphanage, and later Home for the Aged, Bethany, Oklahoma.

It opened in 1912 and by the time it closed in the 1965 several thousand children, and aged, had been cared for by the facility.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

1920 US Census - Updated and Complete

1920 Oklahoma US Federal Census for Council Grove, Oklahoma, OK
Feb.3, 1920.  The children were listed as "inmates" and most were born in Oklahoma, although many recorded parents born in other states and some foreign nations, such as Poland and Italy.  Handwriting makes spelling is sometimes hard to read.  They are listed in the order found on the census; this will make it easier for interested persons to locate them and learn information as to age, birthplace, and place of parents birth (if known and listed).

St. Joseph's Orphanage lines 51-75

Albert Ludwig
Hilton Downey
Raymond Higgins
Pauline Noel
Margaret Noel
Mary Doyle
Mary Hamand
Hazel Beebe
Florine Beebe
Irene Rupprecht
Roberta Caulwell
Nora Donahue
Phillipi Munoz
Lola Munoz
Ethel Mallernee
Robert  Downey
Joseph Ludwig
Nellie Kikaskey
Anna Wilcox
Clarissa Wilcox
Leo Wagner
Margaret Wagner
Frank Wagner
Andrew Loveish
Landie Stirgl

2nd page lines 4 -75
Lidia Brown
John Carney
Haskell Cauldwell
Irby Downey
Elizabeth Fielder
Catherine Fielder
Virdie Grimett (sp)
Dorothy Hamand
James Hamand
Frank Ludwig
Eva M. Law
Alice Mchale
Clova Noel
Ramond Lewis
John Weichart
Vula Wilcox
Joseph Wagner
Phillip Cantwell
Elizabeth Weichart
Marie Keotoh
Lillie Grimnett
Joseph Loveish
John Loveish
William Steigel
Ferdinand Rigazzi
Philbert Regeggt
Joe Kutoskey
John Kutoskey
James Wilcox
Joseph Carney
Albert Cantwell
James Doyle
Bill Hamblin
Charley Hamblin
Charles Rupprecht
Andrew Mchale
Joe Grygo
Harvey Harvey
Duff Green
Lewis Bourken

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