Saint Joseph's Industrial School and Orphanage, and later Home for the Aged, Bethany, Oklahoma.

It opened in 1912 and by the time it closed in the 1965 several thousand children, and aged, had been cared for by the facility.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Physical Description

A remainder of the "high knoll" on which the orphanage was built in 1912.
In the newspaper article "First Building at Orphanage" (Oklahoman, Aug,18, 1912, pg. 17) a physical description of the building materials and location was given.

The facility was planned to occupy 33 acres, the main (and first) structure would be located on a high knoll.  The brick used in construction was red paving stones with white stone trimming.

The first three buildings planned were the main building of several floors, adjacent a church and an auditorium.   Later a school building would be part of the auditorium plan.

Other sources, indicate the original acres were purchased in part by the Diochease and partly through a gift by a James Maney.  In 1913 land was added making the total some 60 acres. (The Sooner Catholic, Sept 5, 1976: 6).

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