Saint Joseph's Industrial School and Orphanage, and later Home for the Aged, Bethany, Oklahoma.

It opened in 1912 and by the time it closed in the 1965 several thousand children, and aged, had been cared for by the facility.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Church Floor Plan

The church with adjacent office/prayer room/tower. Constructed ca 1931. It measures 91 feet from west to east and about 40 feet north to south.

At the west end is the sacristy in two distinct spaces connected by an opening, then the sanctuary, then the nave, and the entrance  through two doors would have revealed to the right a confessional and to the left access to the balcony above.

There appeared to be only two points of access and egress; the stone steps leading to the sacristy and the main entrance.

The bell tower is shown here with a dirt floor and a note about future plans to lay stone there.

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