Saint Joseph's Industrial School and Orphanage, and later Home for the Aged, Bethany, Oklahoma.

It opened in 1912 and by the time it closed in the 1965 several thousand children, and aged, had been cared for by the facility.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Cemetery - Updated

A large and very nice memorial stands in the now open area of the cemtery. Gone are the fences and gates and many of the headstones. Most apear to be older adults and may some of the elderly nrought there to live in the 1920's. The fact so many died in the 1920's is a combination of natural age and disease which ran rampant through OKC in that time. Other news accounts verify many deaths in the era. On the nice memorial at the center of the area are etched the following names:

Cosati, Angela 1916 1931

Ayres, Robert 1939 1943

Brice, James G. 1846 1923

Burke, Pat 1844 1932

Camthorn, Ann 1879 1939

Cawley, Mike 1876 1943

Cozrat, Augustine 1915 1927

Downey, Ellen L. 1849 1922

Gard, Paul (Rev.) 1922

Giebel, Ernestine M. 1864 1939

Hardin, Dorothy 1932 1943

Hardisty, Frank 1867 1931

Jacobe, Franickovick 1836 1933

Keller, Anna (Mrs.) 1849 1921

Lacey, John 1847 1933

Lynam, Michael (Rev.) 1871 1921

Malone, John Edward 1869 1939

Morrison, Mary Ann 1853 1939

Murray, Mrs. K. C. 1873 1921

Richter, Charles 1861 1942

Rose, Pearl (Mrs.) 1924

Stine, John 1857 1936

Sullivan, Cornelius R. 1868 1950

Sweeney 1930

Teyssier, Fredric L. (Rev.) 1884 1919

Tracey, M. Joseph 1852 1929

Triennekens, Wm. (Rev.) 1923

Wagner, Joseph 1927

Wegner, Edward A. 1904 1922

Wegner, Michael 1860 1930

Weichart, Theresia L. 1896 1924

Wooden, David 1934 1945

Also seen at - http://genealogytrails.com/oka/oklahoma/st_joseph_orphanage_cemetery.htm

Additional survey of newspapers reveals a few more names or information.  They were reported as being buried in the "orphanage cemetery" at St. Joseph's.

John Stine Mars, he is listed above as John Stine,  70 year old inhabitant of the Orphanage when it was also caring for the elderly. Rev. John Garvey officiated.  Mars  had been a resident since 1916, was blind, and had operated a broom factory on the grounds while in residence. (Oklahoman, June 11, 1936, pg. 15).

Carl Lorish, 93 year old resident for fifteen years. He died in a local hospital. (Oklahoman, Dec. 20, 1936, pg. 54).

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